Stained GlassBrechin Cathedral

One of the Cathedral's features that visitors find most impressive is its vast array of modern stained glass. The windows, all donated since 1902, have been created by some of Scotland's most famous artists and craftsmen.  For example, the Cathedral features a number of William Wilson's stained glass windows.  His work (which included printmaking) is located in other parts of Scotland: from St Salvator's Hall at the University of St Andrew's; and the Parish Church of Auchtermuchty and Dunshalt; to the Eric Liddell Centre in Edinburgh.



We had a visit of 50 Master Glass Painters to our Cathedral on Saturday 29th August 2009 to which Peter Cormack MBE gave the main commentary.

Using the links below, photographs of the various windows are available for your viewing.

Location         Name      		    Year        Artist 
North Aisle      The Smith Window  	    1952        William Wilson 
North Aisle      The War Memorial Window    1949        Dr. Douglas Strachan 
Queens Aisle     The Lammond Window  	    1978        Gordon Webster 
Queens Aisle     The Don Window    	    1955        William Wilson 
Queens Aisle     The Don Window    	    1955        William Wilson 
Queens Aisle     The Rose-Window  	    1953        William Wilson 
Chancel Arch     The Shiress Window         1901        David Gauld 
Chancel          The Nativity               1902        Henry Holiday 
Chancel          The Flight into Egypt      1902        Henry Holiday 
Chancel          The Childhood of Jesus     1902        Henry Holiday 
Chancel          The Baptism                1902        Henry Holiday 
Chancel          The Temptation             1902        Henry Holiday 
Chancel          Christ as Prophet  	    1902        Henry Holiday 
Chancel          Christ as Priest           1902        Henry Holiday 
Chancel          Christ as King             1902        Henry Holiday 
Chancel          The Lamb of God  	    1902        Henry Holiday 
Chancel          The Transfiguration  	    1902        Henry Holiday 
Chancel          Gethsemane                 1902        Henry Holiday 
Chancel          The Crucifixion            1902        Henry Holiday 
Chancel          The Resurrection  	    1902        Henry Holiday 
Chancel          The Ascension              1902        Henry Holiday 
Chancel Arch     The Clark Window  	    1901        David Gauld 
South Transept   The Aldbar Window          1907        Henry Dearle 
South Aisle      The Baillie Window  	    1952        Hugh Easton 
South Aisle      The Cairncross Window      1932        Herbert Hendrie 
South Aisle      The Wright Window          1952        High Easton 
South Aisle      The Anderson Window        1978        Gordon Webster 
Organ            The West Window  	    1958        William Wilson 
Clerestory       St Machar Window           1961        William Wilson 
Clerestory       St Drostan Window          1959        William Wilson 
Clerestory       St Mungo Window            1961        William Wilson 
Clerestory       St Margaret Window         1957        William Wilson 
Clerestory       St Cuthbert Window         1957        William Wilson 
Clerestory       St Ninian Window  	    1954        William Wilson 
Clerestory       St Columba Window          1956        William Wilson 
Clerestory       St Andrew Window           1957        William Wilson 
Vestry           Holy Trinity               1956        William Wilson 
Vestry           See of Brechin             1956        William Wilson 
Vestry           Burning Bush               1956        William Wilson 
Stracathro       Lamb of God 


Stained Glass - Brechin Cathedral
( 01/12/2007)